9 comments on “Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me

  1. Well, don’t read too much into the title. Chances are, there are certain things that we hate ourselves for. If it’s not listening to recording or watching a recorded video, it’ll be something else (though I don’t know what. LOL).

    Anyway, it’s very written, and I agree with you about the external and internal voices we are hearing. 🙂


  2. Yes, I’ll never forget the first time I heard myself on camera. My first initial thought was that everyone’s voice except mine was just normal, yet for some reason, mine, of everyone’s was the only one that had a weird pitch to it.

    I began wondering what could possibly cause that to be the case. After a friend told me that he was actually the one sounding weird, and everyone else, including myself sounded normal, I put two and two together.

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  4. I like your take on the subject. Hearing myself recorded is always strange because I have a southern accent and recordings make it more pronounced. I haven’t lived in the South for fifty years so I’m beginning to like the remnant in my voice.

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